Above is a short clip from the movie Take the Lead, which we believe states our mission clearly. We hope this clip will inspire you to learn more about social dancing in your community, as it did us.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create weekly environments where teens and young adults can learn to dance respectfully, experience a variety of fun and clean music at a reliable location, and interact with their peers without violence, sexuality, and intoxication.

What We Do

   Swinginfusion finds places to host dances and gives youth a place to go and something to look forward to every week.  Swing dancing is a great way for people of all ages to learn to respect each other and themselves, while meeting new friends and building relationships.  This is why we do what we do.

   We also have chosen to play a significant amount of pop music and classics in addition to the traditional big band music. We do this because we want people to be able to dance to what they listen to all the time.


   Swinginfusion, was founded in Farmington, Michigan by Sam Johnson back in 2007 with an old guitar amp and  a park in the downtown area of Farmington, Michigan.  Originally called Gen Y Swing, it was created to be a place for young adults that were looking for a place to escape a couple hours each week and provide a safe environment in which to learn, dance, and interact. Originally starting with five families, the group spread to reach young adults across South Eastern Michigan. 

This growth lead to what Swinginfusion is today. With four clubs and growing Swinginfusion has continued to create an environment that inspires and educates others. The organization hosts yearly dances to bring many of the groups together, while allowing the individual groups to create their own identity in how they outreach to their surrounding communities. 

What is Swinginfusion?